One of my many challenges in 3D modeling is knowing when to stop.  I started creating in 3D as a hobby, and endless tweaking wasn't a significant drawback.   But when working with teams and/or with a customer, being predictable and staying on schedule is vital.  To retrain this particular bad habits, I created several challenges for myself.  Through this MOTW challenge, I will attempt to create a (admittedly simple) model each week; due by midnight Friday.  In theory, I will choose a wide variety of models to create.  In reality, the first few months appear to be leaning toward mechanical objects with which I am most comfortable.  We'll see what the rest of the year brings. 

I will post images of the results here.   I've already started an informal pool to guess how many models I create within the specified schedule.  Feel free to join the pool.  The winner of the pool will likely win something terribly exciting, like a warm feeling of superiority.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.