MOTW-12Jan2015-Luggage Train

MOTW history was made this week (a full two weeks into the challenge): the model was finished on Thursday.  The MOTW followed the 'airport support vehicle' theme that started last week.  This will be the theme for a few more weeks until all the support vehicles are one big happy family.  This week was a tug and luggage carts that form the train responsible for getting your luggage from the terminal to the airplane.


After struggling to model the wheel wells last week, I decided a Subdivision Surface modifier is a requirement for nearly all vehicle models.  That worked reasonably well this week, but trying to keep edge loops intact throughout the model significantly increased my vertex count.  There are plenty of mistakes left to make, but I am getting better at linking assets during the creation but locally saving everything (assets, materials, images, etc.) packed in the final file.  The important Lessons Learned this week: